Welcome To Metle

Cape Town Luxury Home Development.

Metle is a well-structured construction management company with a solid track history in Cape Town's luxury home development industry. Our skills encompass both project planning and on-site implementation. We are a dedicated team who firmly believes in quality personal service and attention to detail. We offer a high level of skill and professionalism.

Our Expertise


Hassle-Free Implementation

Our aim is to ensure the hassle-free implementation of projects, with a reduced risk of costly sub-contractor follies often associated with building projects.


Team Of Experts

We offer clients an elite 'one stop shop' construction consultancy service that cuts out the middle man. This single point-of-contact includes managing a fully integrated team of experts, who have previously delivered successful and highly efficient projects.


Client-Focused Services

Our client-focused services centers on objective and cost control-led construction management.

About Us

At Metle, we strive towards ensuring your construction project runs smoothly, from inception to completion. Our objective is to ensure precise, detailed planning and control. To date, Metle's construction management and construction industry expertise has proven to be a winning combination for our clients.

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Telephone: (021) 975-0469
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